Winners of Red Bull’s Photo Contest

Just who would be a better judge of sports and adventure photography than Red Bull? More than just the world's most popular energy drink, Red Bull has aggressively marketed itself so that the brand name is synonymous with extreme sports and daring stunts. Overall Winner and Illumination Category Winner 

Chris Burkard Close Up Category Winner 
Nathan Smith Energy Winner
Stuart Gibson Experimental Winner 
Vincent Perraud New Creativity Winner
Eric Berger Playground Winner 
Tim Korbmacher Sequence Winner 
Miguel Angel Lopez Virgen Spirit Winner 
Adam Kokot Wings Winner 
Red Bull is back with their annual photography contest, called Red Bull Illume, revealing a list of 50 finalists as well as their winners. As you will see, each of the ten category winners, shown below, represent an "extremely" unique view of an action or adventure sport that will inspire you to push your own limits both as a photographer and as a sportsman (or sportswoman).

Marcel Lämmerhirt You can see the top 50 finalists, here, or download the category winners' wallpapers, here


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