Top Ten Celebrities who have smoky Eyes

All celebrities have something special with nature and that’s why they become celebrities. In Hollywood many female celebrities have gift eyes from God. We can see here Top 10 celebrities who have smoky and sexy eyes. Smoky Eyes have always been in fashion, but this year they are as Big as ever! Check out the top 10 of Smoky Eyes on Celebrities to create an image of your own!
Smoky eyes can range from total blackout to soft and subtle - and some even use color! Here, celebrities model the gamut of smoky eye looks.
1. Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is on the top name for her smoky eye. You can see How's her eye looking, it's so Dem and glorious nobody stand in front of her with moving.

2. Diva – Beyonce Smoky eyes.
Beyonce looks absolutely stunning, this smoky eye look is so strong and at the same time so feminine – one of the best smoky eyes ever!

3. Everyone’s Favorite – Alicia Keys
This girl absolutely rocks the smoky eye look. The gray shadows complement her skin so beautifully. Good job, Alicia!

4 Oh So Cute – Jessica Alba

5 Hot, Hot, Hot – Scarlett Johansson

6. British Beauty – Keira Knightley

7 One and Only – Fergie

8 Beautiful and Innocent Looks – Miranda Kerr

9 Smoking Hot “Housewife” – Eva Longoria

10 Absolutely Charming – Katherine Heigl


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