Oh, McNoggin---Disturbing Delicacies

In 2000, a woman named Katherine Ortega ordered some experimental “mighty wings” from her local McDonalds in Newport News, Virginia. She was expecting something rough around the edges, a formula close to perfect but requiring a bit of tweaking before making it to the mass market. She took on the responsibility of testing it, even going so far as taking it home to her children to get additional opinions. Before even beginning the first phase of testing, Ortega noticed a glaring mistake in the preparation of the new menu item: a chicken head had been battered and fried along with the wings. Apparently confused as to which country/century they were in, her local Mickey D’s was contacted and made aware of the room they had for improvement. They assured her the recipe would be changed to not include the heads, but first made sure she had no case on which to sue, as the head didn’t count as a foreign object — just an unnecessary one.


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